Welcome Vorona Quartz

Vorona is a family-owned and operated business conveniently and centrally located in the heart of America just outside Kansas City. Thirty years in the building material business has produced a situation in which extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and well-informed ownership and staff consistently go above and beyond expectations in order to create exceedingly satisfied customers and business partners. Vorona’s committed and determined ownership and staff combined with our large and well-maintained warehouse facilities add to the exceptionally favorable conditions under which dealers can penetrate the lucrative and highly demanded green building materials market. We eagerly anticipate utilizing our expertise, facilities, and positive attitudes to assist our dealers in adding to their bottom lines while simultaneously passing value along to their customers.

Our philosophy is centered around providing the market with environmentally friendly products that benefit our customers in a variety of ways. Vorona products present a unique opportunity which offers consumers the chance to add value to their homes, reduce maintenance time and costs, and create beautiful and comfortable surroundings while remaining environmentally conscious and responsible. The economic and social advantages will greatly benefit the entire value chain.

The reliable, honest, and low-cost nature of our business practices provide opportunities for mutually beneficial transactions between buyers and sellers of Vorona’s products. End users’ desires for affordable, captivating, and eco-friendly construction, remodeling, or home improvement products are accommodated while simultaneously allowing for profit margins that are very attractive to dealers and other business owners. The value in the form of increased profits and a satisfied, appreciative customer base are certain outcomes of relationships between Vorona and its network of dealers.

We look forward to bringing you better products at better prices. We are extremely confident that this will create better margins for you and create many satisfied customers. We look forward to building a great future together.